Lodinatt bag I have been sent this Lodinatt bag a few days ago and all I can say is that it is the perfect bag if you're in a rush and/or you have different plans for the day. I, for instance, first had to go to lunch with my family and later in the day I went for a little tennis... more
Blue and White Striped Top, Jeans, Red Accessories, Lodinatt Bag Thank you for all your get well soon wishes! I'm feeling better so went out to enjoy the sunshine on a walk with Cooper today. I also had a chance to use my new bag, courtesy of Lodinatt! They are a Korean bag company starting to expand to a worldwide... more
Animal Instincts featuring Storets Leopard shorts and Lodinatt bag As you've been reading my life journey through my blog and twitter, I mentioned I'm in the middle of buying a house with my family. The perfect search for a room with a big built-in wardrobe... more
Living in manhattan When you in New York. You need a bag like Newyorkers. Finally, I moved from Washington DC to New York. I Love New York so much. It's really awesome place! I'm living in manhattan.My dream comes true...more
뉴요커 김리의 로디나트 요즘 여름을 맞이해서 정말 예쁜 가방 발견! 어서 빨리 소식을 전해드리려고 이렇게 폭풍 블로깅을 합니다. 여름에 꼭 필요한 mush have item 강추!!! 로디나트의 투레벨 캔버스 백 가방이 너무 크지도 않고 적당한 미들백 사이즈라서 여행가거나 잠깐 들고다니기에... more
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My New Bag c/o Lodinatt Recently I was asked by the wonderful people at Lodinatt to review their bag. They are a Korean based company that has made a cute and practical everyday bag. It's great for a working girl like myself because I can tote everything to and from work... more
LOOK OF THE DAY "LODINATT BAG" Hi all, how was your weekend? Mine is great and I wish you have a great weekend.. I'm really excited. Why?? because, Lodinatt contacted me to give a review about they product and I just received this awesome bag from Lodinatt. They are a brand of... more
New Bag by Lodinatt. Hi everyone! I love bag that's why today I would like to introduce you my new handbag courtesy of Lodinatt, a new fabolous South Korean brand. Its beautiful "tote bag" design and its neutral colours provide any look with comfort and distinction... more
June 29, 2012 LIFE IN PINK I was really lucky to receive a wonderful bag from Lodinatt. It arrived surprisingly fast, and I've been using it every day since I got it. I'm so excited! This is the first time I can say "Bag courtesy of..."! When I started the blog, I had no idea... more